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Facial Toner Handset

Facial Toner Handset

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Re-ignite your youthful glow with the Facial Toner Handset!

Our Facial Toner Handset ends the endless hunt for effective skin rejuvenation methods, utilising the scientifically proven powers of LED light therapy, the Facial Toner Handset is the ultimate one-step skin enhancement tool.

Reverse time’s wear and tear: Your dry, aged, and dull-looking skin is no match for the Facial Toner Handset, LED light therapy has been scientifically proven to provide a lifting and rejuvenating effect to your face, treat a variety of skin conditions including acne and wrinkles, and leave you with a firmer, juicer look.

Rewrite the morning rush: Cut your morning routine in HALF with the Facial Toner Handset, using 3 different light modes; Red, Green, and Blue you can now stimulate collagen production, kill acne-causing bacteria and treat dark circles… in just 10 minutes! Giving you all the benefits of a 20 minute beauty session.

Anywhere, anytime: The long-lasting, durable battery coupled with the comfortable and convenient design provides an all-in-one beauty tool that is 100% travel friendly, allowing you to beautify in the car park, on the plane, on the train, or even at your desk!

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