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Plush Sleeping Mask

Plush Sleeping Mask

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Put the beauty back in sleep

Experience a deeper, cosier sleep and wake up in luxury, feeling energised and revitalised. Whether you’re travelling or looking to improve your sleep behaviour, our plush eye mask is right for you.

Stress free strap: The durable elastic design provides you with a one-size-fits-all mask, no more scratchy velcro or floppy elastic, our gentle, fluffy sleep mask is made to last.

Side sleepers saviour: Say goodbye to side sleeping struggles, our mask works just as well on your side as it does on your back, so you can doze off without that ever lasting tossing and turning.

Deep sleep dream: Our plush sleep mask provides you with a darker, distraction free sleep, enhancing your sleep quality, and leaving an unmatched long-lasting impact.

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