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Rose Quartz Stone Roller (Smooth)

Rose Quartz Stone Roller (Smooth)

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Reveal loves greatest secrets with our beautiful hand sculpted Rose quartz facial roller.

Our signature Rose quartz facial roller aligns with ancient Feng Shui culture where Rose quartz is believed to embody feminine energy, promote healing, love and peace. Our finest quality Rose quartz is sustainably sourced to protect Brazil's precious environment. 

Loves ancient secrets: Rose quartz is a quartz variant, it contains manganese or titanium which gives it its rosy colour, in Feng Shui the colour pink is believed to be connected to self-care, feminine energy and love. Whether you’re applying your skincare with love, or healing a heart, rose quartz is the stone for you.

Revitalise and Rejuvenate: Our Rose quartz roller promotes lymphatic drainage which helps to flush out any impurities from beneath the skin, leaving your skin firmer and more toned with less wrinkles.

Terminate Tension and Promote Relaxation: The Rose quartz facial roller and has been proven to ease tension in the facial area which can lead to unwelcome stress and an anxious temperament. Rose quartz has feminine and loving energy and will leave you feeling relaxed and centred.

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