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UV LED Nail Dryer

UV LED Nail Dryer

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Motion Sensing UV LED Nail Dryer

The Future Of Flawless Nails: Our UV LED Nail dryer provides you with salon quality finishes from the comfort of your own home, no more stress of appointments or painful pricing, your friends will be jealous after discovering your secret to the perfect manicure.


Save Thousands: Do you know how much money you’ve spent at the salon? Not to mention the time! Our UV LED nail dryer gives you permission to say goodbye to those wallet draining salon trips and hello to price friendly and salon quality finishes at home, saving you up to 90% more money.


Speed Meets Safety: On the topic of speed and effectiveness, our cutting-edge LED technology ensures rapid drying of every polish and gel while keeping your precious nails safe from scorching and bubbling (thanks to our low heat function). 

No more impatience or frustration; with 4 speed timing and motion sensing this dryer means business, choose from 10, 30, 60 and 99 second intervals.


Spacious But Compact: We don’t negotiate on space, Your entire hand can comfortably slip inside, no finger acrobatics required. Best of all, it’s compact and travel friendly, allowing you to show off your long lasting, killer nails wherever your adventures take you.

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