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Jade Stone Roller

Jade Stone Roller

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Unveil the Secrets of Timeless Beauty with our beautiful hand sculpted Jade stone facial roller.

Our signature Jade stone facial roller follows in the footsteps of ancient Chinese culture where the naturally cool properties of Jade have been used in skincare for centuries, our Jade stone roller is sustainably sourced in line with traditional practices and has been hand designed to aid in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.


Ancient secrets to natural glow: Jade has long been considered the “stone of heaven” in ancient Chinese culture, The precious Jade stone symbolises good luck, longevity and prosperity. Since the Qing dynasty (1636-1911), Jade has been used to slow the process of cell ageing and enhance your skin's natural glow.

The Chinese adored the Jade stone roller so much that you will find one in the Palace museums antiques collection in Beijing.

Revitalise and Rejuvenate:
Our Jade stone roller promotes lymphatic drainage which helps to flush out any impurities from beneath the skin, Jade has revitalising energy and will leave you with more toned and firmer skin helping you feel rejuvenated.


Terminate Tension and Promote Relaxation: The Jade stone facial roller offers blissful relaxation and has been proven to ease tension in the facial area which can lead to unwelcome stress and an anxious temperament, Using the Jade stone roller daily will lead to you feeling refreshed and confident all day long.


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