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Ancient China’s Gua Sha Stones

Ancient China’s Gua Sha Stones

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Ancient China's anti-ageing secret

The mystery of the Gua Sha stone: Our soft to touch Gua Sha stones are one of the oldest forms of traditional Chinese medicine, history indicates that the Gua Sha stone dates back as far as the Stone Age. 

Gua Sha techniques are an intricate part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Gua Sha Massage technique is used to stimulate and energise the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, resulting in improved skin health and clarity as well as giving you a firmer and younger glow.

Jade: Experience prosperity, longevity, and good luck thanks to the natural cool properties Jade.

Rose Quartz: Promote love, healing, and peace with this century old token of love being rose quartz.

Obsidian: Create your very own shield of protection against negative and harmful energies with Obsidian.

Sapphire: Enhance loyalty, happiness, serenity, and absorb the spiritually enlightening effects of the Sapphire stone.

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