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BleuAureus 2.0™️ Light Therapy LED Mask

BleuAureus 2.0™️ Light Therapy LED Mask

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What if you could revitalise your skin in the comfort of your own home?

Do you want to increase your skin's elasticity? 

Do you desire glowing skin and to appear 7-10 years younger?

Introducing the BleuAureus 2.0™️ Light Therapy LED Mask, which revives, and rejuvenates your face and neck in just 10 minutes every day. In the past year, the BleuAureus 2.0™️ Light Therapy LED Mask has helped more than thousands of users worldwide look amazing and gain the confidence they deserve.


This skin rejuvenation face mask reduces visible signs of aging and restore healthy and glowing skin. Not just that, it comes in 7 different light settings, each colour with its unique benefits, boosting anti-aging, and leaving you with younger, fresher and better skin.


V Comfortable & Ideal for All Skin Types

V Save Money on Unnecessary Salon & Spa


V Stimulate Skin Rejuvenation & Reverse Aging

V Tested & Trusted by Dermatologists & Thousands of Users

V 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

V Zip Pay & AfterPay Available

V Free & Fast Shipping Australia Wide


The LED light therapy uses natural light waves, which the LED transmits into the skin, stimulating skin rejuvenation and reversing aging.

When the skin absorbs light, light energy is converted into Antracellular energy, causing a photochemical reaction that gives your skin transformative results in as little as 12 weeks with no downtime.

The Light Therapy LED device is suitable for all skin types.


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