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BleuAureus 2.0™️ Ice Cooling Comfort Blanket

BleuAureus 2.0™️ Ice Cooling Comfort Blanket

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Are you the type of hot sleeper type who can’t sleep comfortably at night?

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night because of too much heat and sweat?

Do you want to save from spending so much money on air conditioning bills?

the BleuAureus 2.0™️ Ice Cooling Comfort Blanket is designed to keep you cool when you need it the most. Our cooling blanket uses advanced cooling technology that can provide the chill you need, especially during the summer. It works to absorb heat to keep you cozy. It is an excellent option for hot sleepers and people in hot climates.

If you need to run the air conditioning every night to have a comfortable sleep, it may be a sign to change your blanket. Our BleuAureus 2.0™️ Ice Cooling Comfort Blanket uses high–quality material that can wick away moisture. It creates a cooling sensation, which prevents you from getting irritations and sweating. It is moisture–proof and perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Key Benefits:

✔️ Provides a Cooler & More Comfortable Night’s Sleep

✔️ Improves Sleep Quality for People Sleeping in Hot Environments

✔️ Minimises your Night Sweats by Absorbing Excess Heat

✔️ Saves you from Paying So Much Money on your Electricity Bill

✔️ Reduces Anxiety Level, Stress, & Uneasiness

✔️ Facilitates better Airflow while you Sleep

✔️ Helps you to Rest Calmly & Enjoy your Sleep

✔️ Suitable for People with Sensitive Skin

How Does It Work?

A healthy life starts with a good night’s sleep, but when you sleep, your body releases heat into your bedding, warming the area around you. 

Instead of trapping your body heat, our BleuAureus 2.0™️ Ice Cooling Comfort Blanket allows heat to pass through its breathable fibers. Unlike any other blanket! it also wicks up excess moisture helping you to achieve better sleep at night.

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